Job hunting is no joy.
 You know it, we know it!
Every interview we have to start from scratch — presenting our experience, proving results, and convincing others of our competence.

Employers don’t rely on classic resume or LinkedIn profile!
WIP is here to restore trust
We know how frustrating job searching can be, as we have been both candidates and hiring managers multiple times ourselves.
Work Identity Platform. Professional reputation employers can trust
Work Identity — a comprehensive digital profile on the blockchain, mirroring all your professional accomplishments and experiences, validated by employers and credible endorsements from people with confirmed identities.
Stand out from other candidates when competing for your next dream job.
Verified Work Identity
Verified achievements
KYC Verification
Verified reputation
built on endorsements
Proven work
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Your support is crucial to show investors and partners the demand for a fairer, more efficient hiring process. Together, we can change the game.
Benefits of WIP
How do you benefit from WIP
Verified Work Identity
Prove your achievements and experience with endorsements from people with confirmed identities, store it on the blockchain, and showcase it with an unprecedented level of credibility.
Network-Driven Opportunities
Receive active contributions to your career from your professional circle. WIP encourages it to match you with your next dream job with real money rewards.
Stand out from other candidates
Future employers will trust your verifiable Work Identity. WIP will explain them, then you walk the extra mile to build and prove them.
Earn a real-money reward equal to the candidate’s monthly salary for each successful referral you’ve made.
Join Early, Take Rewards: Get Ahead in Your Career Journey with WIP
Exclusive "Believer" badge worth up to $500 in perks and cashback
A special NFT worth an extra $300 in perks for Solana’s Fam
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Priority in search results and early access to job openings.
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We would greatly appreciate it if you could share the WIP idea with your network. The more people know, the faster we can get WIP live and change job searching worldwide!
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If you provide us with your Solana address, we will airdrop you WIP's NFT once we have 1000 eligible users.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions? We're here to answer. From understanding how WIP works to details about the blockchain technology powering our platform
WIP leverages blockchain technology to create an on-chain career record that reflects your skills, achievements, and reputation. This record is secured with KYC verification and soul-bound tokens, providing a tamper-proof and verifiable history of your professional journey, surpassing traditional CVs in credibility and trust.
Work Identity Protocol.
Professional reputation employers can trust.
Work Identity Protocol
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